Punk In Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival: Forth Worth

I was super pumped that this tour was even considering coming to Austin. This city has a small but great punk scene, it just doesn’t attract major punk tours like other cities. Unfortunately, there were a lot of sad punks here since the venue decided to pull out of the deal two days before. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, real life happens and everyone lost out on a fun Cinco de Mayo.

Except there was a bit of hope to be had. Let me just start out with why I love punk bands and their devoted fan base. The festival decided that if you lost out on the Austin date that the next tour date was available to ticket holders. They also upped the ante by allowing a free plus one. Did I mention that included a beer tasting as well? If this was some other major label band they would have just refunded the money or rescheduled with some public statement. And yes, there were some issues with tickets and other details. If you were able to take that sweet deal it was definitely worthwhile.

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 10.19.40 PM

I was one of the lucky ones from Austin. Plus we got to bring some extra friends that couldn’t afford a ticket or couldn’t make the original date.

The set up was interesting and was at the Panther Island Pavillion park in Fort Worth. You get drink tickets for beer tastings from vendors which set up before the music begins. You get 10 tastings which are equal to about 2 full beers. The selection was half local and half national brewers. It was tough drinking in the hot Texas sun but it was fun hanging out the all the fans before a show. Here’s the lineup:

The first act I caught was the Mad Caddies. I have seen them previously but they are an old favorite. I was excited that they played a couple of new tracks for an album that takes punk songs and makes them ska style. They did a cover of “She” by Green Day which was very fitting for this band. I skipped The Interrupters just because they open for every Hellcat Records tour and I have seen them a thousand times. They are a good band but find them a bit redundant.

The highlight was seeing Bad Religion play Suffer front to back. That is one of the most quintessential punk albums of all time. You could literally see Fat Mike sing the entire album word for word from the side of the stage. That album cover, those lyrics, are absolute perfection every time. They also sprinkled some hits from their vast discography. I honestly have to say they are the highlight of this festival. I think Fat Mike also finds ways to book them on any tour or festival he curates since he feels the same.




NOFX is still NOFX. The small banner and they sometimes can play the songs they write. I think they have an interesting setlist these days. I think they tend to stick to newer albums rather than their hits. I do enjoy First Ditch Effort quite a bit, so this isn’t a bad thing in my opinion. This wasn’t their best set but I am glad that things are on the up and up for NOFX as far as trying new things such as this festival and camp. Here are some highlights from this date and looking forward to September.


*** Note from the Editor:

I previously wrote this review before their comments at Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. I was at the festival and will cover the subject in a future piece. Stone Brewery pulled their sponsorship and NOFX was pulled from the remaining festival dates. On their website, they also took off the postponed Austin date.

Podcasting and Punk: Top Recomendations


I am a podcast addict. There are endless possibilities when it comes to podcasts. It can be artsy and deep or straight out crass. It keeps me sane in Austin traffic and on long flights. I feel like I have learned a little more about the world just listening to a 30 minute-hour long episode. I have done a ton of searching online and on the iTunes app. Here are my top recommendations on punk podcasts in no particular order or rank. Share the love:

Turned out a Punk: Damian Abraham is the beast at everything he does. I love his band Fucked Up and the energy of his live performances. Who knew he brought that kind of ambition to podcasting? Well, he does. He has a vast knowledge of vinyl and music that is very impressive. He puts up episodes weekly, sometimes even sooner with the footnotes podcasts he adds too. He has interesting guests from musicians to industry people. He also gives an interesting take on the Canadian punk scene.

MMR Radio: I have been reading this zine forever. I am glad they have never changed because they do what they do so well. It is a mix of garage rock, punk, hardcore and indie. It seems to work really well together. They upload episodes weekly from bands that submit to their podcast and/or zine. Mostly just a music playlist and some talk. I have definitely found some gems within these playlists.

Rebel Songs Radio: This is my personal favorite out there. I had spent months looking for another female that discusses and plays punk music. It varies from hardcore, rockabilly, thrash, metal, oi, and punk. Which pretty much lists all my favorite genres. Support this awesome podcast!

Punk News: I am obviously a fan of Punk News. What is so great about this podcast is that if you don’t have the time to sit down and read your newsfeed, then this will catch you up immediately. They have awesome interviews with bands and talk current punk news. They also play tracks from new releases. They also have sub-podcast called The Wizard’s Beard and Space Punks. These podcasts are exactly what you think they are.

Rocket Fuel: I REALLY enjoy Jeff’s podcast. The spectrum of genres is punk, ska, and indie. Even though this podcast is not 100% punk all the time, all the songs that he plays are music we still love as music fans. Also, his guests are spot on. This podcast has truly interesting conversations from bands such as Face to Face, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, to Fest coverage. I think the reason I like this podcast the most is that you can tell it is very influenced by the 120 minutes era. Which I am totally that person too. I HIGHLY recommend this podcast to any music lover.

Honorable Mentions

WTF with Marc Maron: Marc Maron’s podcast is one of the best out there. Yes, not all of them are punk. BUT occasionally there will be gems on there such as Iggy Pop, Flea, Mike Watt and many more. So it’s worth checking out even for those specific interviews.

Mostly Harmless with Dammit Damian:  I really dig this podcast out the Denver area. I also love the fact that Damian comes from the zine scene. His interviews consist of bands, comics, and nerd pop culture. He also has some awesome live footages and old interviews to dive into. Definitely worth a tune in.

All Songs Considered: I get that NPR is a super adult station. It can be hard to sit through and listen. But this podcast is pure music nerd haven. Obviously not the most punk podcast out there but very surprising. In the past couple of months, they have played great bands such as Greys, The Dirty Nil, and PUP. If you like a roulette of music that includes punk and all genres, then this is a great podcast choice.

My favorite punk podcast of this past year has to go to Rupual’s What’s the Tee with Michelle Visage. I only mention this episode because it was with Henry Rollins. It is a superb episode. Little did you know that Rupaul and Henry Rollins collaborated musically? Exactly. Amazing episode. I personally listened to this episode twice!

**I am also excepting any recommendations for other punk podcasts not listed. I know there are probably more out there. Feel free to comment or leave a link below.**