Against Me! Going to Perform in North Carolina

Through the past month, artists from all genres have been publicly speaking out against House Bill 2. Some artist like Bruce Springsteen has decided to cancel their dates in North Carolina. Which makes sense to a degree, since why would you want to pay tax money in a state passing this type of legislation. But on the other hand, people might need a place to vent their anger and frustration. I believe this is why Against Me! is still keeping their tour dates there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.39.05 AM

The band plans to have local LGBT organizations to table their show and give people much-needed information. Also, they are planning to use gender-neutral bathrooms as a sign of protest. I also believe there will be a heartfelt statement at the show. To me this a true punk band in the traditional sense. In the days of going against the opposition, it is most effective at the moment. Punk music is a place to vent your frustrations and have a community voice. I can’t wait to see the footage of this show and I hope it gives people the voice they need.

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